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Historical Society’s latest journal articles: St. Augustine’s School in Raleigh, new sources regarding expelled Haiti bishop, navigating Modernism in NYC, and more

18 Mar 2024 3:53 PM | HSEC Director of Operations (Administrator)

The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church (HSEC) advances scholarship related to the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. The latest issues of HSEC’s peer-reviewed journal Anglican and Episcopal History (AEH) is now in print featuring 6 studies and numerous reviews, including 24 book reviews.

The 6 featured studies are:

  • “The Episcopal Church’s Freedman’s Commission and the Founding of St. Augustine’s School” in Raleigh, North Carolina, in which diocesan historiographer N. Brooks Graebner, uncovers ways St. Augustine’s School opened in 1867 and became “…a notable exception” for “intersectional cooperation” across geographic regions in the antebellum United States.
  • Yvan Francois and Mark Harris break new ground regarding the ministry of Episcopal bishop Charles Alfred Voegeli who was escorted to Port au Prince airport at gunpoint in 1964 on orders from François Duvalier, then-President of Haiti. “The Expulsion of the Last American Bishop of Haiti” illustrates lived experiences of conflicting loyalties between Caesar and God by introducing the Francois Folio – 32 never before published primary sources spanning 1944-1974.
  • John C. Hardy, a Church of England priest, then challenges assumptions about ineffective Anglican scholar-pastors in “How ‘Effectual’ was the Anglican Scholar-Parson of the 1920s as a Parson? Alfred Guillaume and G.H. Box; A comparative Assessment.”
  • “The Emergence of the Modernist Controversy in the Diocese of New York” evaluates ways various church leaders navigated heresy trials, emerging biblical debates, and diversity of theological belief in 1920s New York. Its author is Warren C. Platt, an Episcopal priest and retired reference librarian in the Research Libraries of the New York Public Library.
  • “The Establishment Experience: Church-State Entanglement and the Lessons of the First Anglo-Catholic Movement”by Dn. John F. Wirenius from the Diocese of New York considers challenges the Church of England encounters as an official state church. His draws parallels between secular court interference by the Queen’s Bench and Privy Council in nineteenth-century England to similar secular court intervention as fallout since the election of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003.
  • The final study is “Waging the Spanish Civil War on British Ecclesiastical Turf: Anglican-dominated Delegations to Republican Spain” by Frederick Halea research fellow at North-West University in South Africa and teacher at Fjellhaug International University College in Norway. Halea’s essay seeks to fill a gap in British scholarship that leaves religion as one of the least studied aspects of the British response to Francisco Franco.

These studies along with church reviews, book reviews, reflections on engaged history are available in the March 2024 issue of Anglican and Episcopal History at

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