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Anglican Signers | Declaration of Independance

The Church of England's presence in the colonies eventually led to the formation of The Episcopal Church in October 1789. Though not technically a successor to the Church of England, the Episcopal Church continued much of its form of doctrine, discipline and worship. It may be argued that there was an informal or unofficial Episcopal Church between the time of the Declaration of Independence and official formation, though its activity varied greatly from parish to parish.

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Download and read "The Episcopal Church and the American Revolution" by David L. Holmes from a 1978 issue of the Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Anglicans Who Signed the U.S. Declaration of Independence

  1. Elbridge Gerry — Massachusetts
  2. Philip Livingstone — New York
  3. Francis Lewis — New York
  4. Lewis Morris — New York
  5. Francis Hopkinson — New Jersey
  6. Robert Morris — Pennsylvania
  7. Benjamin Rush — Pennsylvania
  8. Benjamin Franklin — Pennsylvania
  9. John Morton — Pennsylvania
  10. George Clymer — Pennsylvania
  11. George Taylor — Pennsylvania
  12. James Wilson — Pennsylvania
  13. George Ross — Pennsylvania
  14. Caesar Rodney — Delaware
  15. George Read — Delaware
  16. Samuel Chase — Maryland
  17. Thomas Stone — Maryland
  18. William Paca — Maryland
  19. George Wythe — Virginia
  20. Richard Henry Lee — Virginia
  21. Thomas Jefferson — Virginia
  22. Benjamin Harrison — Virginia
  23. Thomas Nelson, Jr. — Virginia
  24. Francis Lightfoot Lee — Virginia
  25. Carter Braxton — Virginia
  26. William Hooper — North Carolina
  27. Joseph Hewes — North Carolina
  28. John Penn — North Carolina
  29. Edward Rutledge — South Carolina
  30. Thomas Heyward, Jr. — South Carolina
  31. Thomas Lynch, Jr. — South Carolina
  32. Arthur Middleton — South Carolina
  33. Button Gwinnett — Georgia
  34. George Walton — Georgia

Based on the work of the Rev. Donald Smith Armentrout, retired professor of church history and historical theology, the Charles Quintard professor of dogmatic theology, and director of the Advanced Degrees Program at the University of the South’s School of Theology in Sewanee, Tennessee. It had been supplement by Matthew P. Payne, Director of Operations of the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church.

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